MyPHI is Your Health
Data Organizer

With MyPHI you can pull all your health data from different sources such as electronic health records and school records, organize the data and share it with whoever you want.
MyPHI is up to the latest security standards and it is HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

About MyPHI

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“I believe this is revolutionary and I’m excited to see something like this finally make it!.”

MyPHI Demo

It is really easy to use

“I am very happy to see this kind of application coming into market. It will cut down so much time and work
to gather our old test results, medication details etc which are very difficult to gather.”

Six Sides of MyPHI




The security of your data is one of our major concerns because of that is build according the highest security standards and it is HIPAA and FIRPA compliant

Easy to Use

We are working with industry leading  UI&UX experts to make sure that your experience with MyPHI is seamless and easy to use



Once in our system you can share your health information with whoever you want, whenever you want for as long as you want with just press of a button


We Grow Together

As user of our system you are part of our community, your ideas and feedback are welcome and appreciated


All Health Information at One Place

The promise of MyPHI is that you can have all your personal health information organized at one place – from hospitals, schools and any document you want to upload with your phone camera


Project Team and Constant Improvement

MyPHI is a team of leading industry experts connected by our desire to help other people and get better and better in everything we do.

“Everyone should have access to this system it would really save lives, time and money!”

MyPHI Highlights




We received from Google significant equity free investment as Google Credits

American Medical Association

Finalists of the 2018 “Google/AMA Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge” and received equity free investment

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Winners of Phase 1 and 2 of the “Maternal and Child Health Bureau Grand Challenge: Care Coordination for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSCHN)” and also received significant equity free investment.
See more about the competition here.

MyPHI currently integrates with user portals for multiple health and educational systems, as Children Health, Parkland Health and Hospital Systems, JPS, Cook Children’s, and Fort Worth ISD

“I think it is a great concept, and it would help tremendously in allowing patients to not only be in charge of
their file and have access to it, but to be able to provide necessary proof of information to institutions who may otherwise not be able to access such information.!”

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